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Dataset Title:  Aggregation of SST measurements collected in situ by Datawell Waverider buoys. Subscribe RSS
Institution:   (Dataset ID: sst_agg)
Range: longitude = -170.8747 to 171.3836°E, latitude = -14.2965 to 59.59803°N, time = 1991-09-10T21:53:00Z to 2024-07-18T23:35:00Z
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The Dataset Attribute Structure (.das) for this Dataset

Attributes {
 s {
  station_id {
    String ioos_category "Identifier";
    String long_name "Station Id";
  time {
    String _CoordinateAxisType "Time";
    Float64 actual_range 6.8453958e+8, 1.7213457e+9;
    String axis "T";
    String calendar "standard";
    String ioos_category "Time";
    String long_name "UTC sample time";
    String source_name "sstTime";
    String standard_name "time";
    String time_origin "01-JAN-1970 00:00:00";
    String units "seconds since 1970-01-01T00:00:00Z";
  sstSeaSurfaceTemperature {
    Float32 _FillValue -999.99;
    Float32 actual_range -1.25, 34.89001;
    String ancillary_variables "sstFlagPrimary sstFlagSecondary";
    String cell_methods "sstTime: point";
    Float64 colorBarMaximum 32.0;
    Float64 colorBarMinimum 0.0;
    String ioos_category "Temperature";
    String long_name "sea surface temperature";
    String ncei_name "SEA SURFACE TEMPERATURE";
    String standard_name "sea_surface_temperature";
    String units "degree_C";
    Float32 valid_max 46.15;
    Float32 valid_min -5.0;
  sstFlagPrimary {
    Byte _FillValue -127;
    String _Unsigned "false";
    Byte actual_range 1, 4;
    String ancillary_variables "sstFlagSecondary";
    Float64 colorBarMaximum 10.0;
    Float64 colorBarMinimum 0.0;
    String flag_meanings "good not_evaluated questionable bad missing";
    Byte flag_values 1, 2, 3, 4, 9;
    String ioos_category "Quality";
    String long_name "primary sst QC flag";
    String references "Ocean Data Standards, UNESCO 2013 - IOC Manuals and Guides, 54, Volume 3 Version 1";
    Byte valid_max 9;
    Byte valid_min 1;
  sstFlagSecondary {
    Byte _FillValue -127;
    String _Unsigned "false";
    Byte actual_range 0, 7;
    Float64 colorBarMaximum 8.0;
    Float64 colorBarMinimum 0.0;
    String flag_meanings "unspecified sensor_issues SST_out_of_range SST_spike SST_max_change_exceeded hf_transmission_errors_fixed hf_transmission_errors_present reference_temperature_off";
    Byte flag_values 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7;
    String ioos_category "Quality";
    String long_name "secondary sst QC flag";
    String references "";
    Byte valid_max 7;
    Byte valid_min 0;
  sstSourceIndex {
    Int32 _FillValue -99999;
    Int32 actual_range 1, 61635;
    String ioos_category "Temperature";
    String long_name "source file index";
  metaStationName {
    String cf_role "timeseries_id";
    String ioos_category "Identifier";
    String long_name "station name";
    String standard_name "platform_id";
  latitude {
    String _CoordinateAxisType "Lat";
    Float32 actual_range -14.2965, 59.59803;
    String axis "Y";
    Float64 colorBarMaximum 90.0;
    Float64 colorBarMinimum -90.0;
    String ioos_category "Location";
    String long_name "Latitude";
    String ncei_name "LATITUDE";
    String source_name "metaDeployLatitude";
    String standard_name "latitude";
    String units "degrees_north";
    Float32 valid_max 90.0;
    Float32 valid_min -90.0;
  longitude {
    String _CoordinateAxisType "Lon";
    Float32 actual_range -170.8747, 171.3836;
    String axis "X";
    Float64 colorBarMaximum 180.0;
    Float64 colorBarMinimum -180.0;
    String ioos_category "Location";
    String long_name "Longitude";
    String ncei_name "LONGITUDE";
    String source_name "metaDeployLongitude";
    String standard_name "longitude";
    String units "degrees_east";
    Float32 valid_max 180.0;
    Float32 valid_min -180.0;
    String acknowledgement "CDIP is primarily supported by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE).";
    String cdm_data_type "TimeSeries";
    String cdm_timeseries_variables "station_id, metaStationName, latitude, longitude";
    String comment "This dataset contains data as acquired in real-time, the QC performed upon it is not as complete as for historic CDIP datasets. All values are decoded directly from the instruments in accordance with the manufacturers documentation EXCEPT for those with the attribute :additional_processing which describes further data handling performed by CDIP.";
    String contributor_name "CDIP, LACPRA/USACE";
    String contributor_role "station operation, station funding";
    String Conventions "ACDD-1.3, CF-1.6, COARDS";
    String creator_email "";
    String creator_name "Coastal Data Information Program, SIO/UCSD";
    String creator_type "institution";
    String creator_url "";
    String date_created "2024-07-18T23:36:21Z";
    String date_issued "2024-07-18T23:36:21Z";
    String date_modified "2024-07-18T23:36:21Z";
    String defaultDataQuery "station_id,time,sstSeaSurfaceTemperature&time>=now-3day&time<=now&sstFlagPrimary=1&orderByMax(\"station_id,time\")";
    String defaultGraphQuery "longitude,latitude,sstSeaSurfaceTemperature&time>=now-3day&time<=now&sstFlagPrimary=1&orderByMax(\"station_id,time\")";
    Float64 Easternmost_Easting 171.3836;
    String featureType "TimeSeries";
    Float64 geospatial_lat_max 59.59803;
    Float64 geospatial_lat_min -14.2965;
    Float32 geospatial_lat_resolution 1.0e-4;
    String geospatial_lat_units "degrees_north";
    Float64 geospatial_lon_max 171.3836;
    Float64 geospatial_lon_min -170.8747;
    Float32 geospatial_lon_resolution 1.0e-4;
    String geospatial_lon_units "degrees_east";
    String geospatial_vertical_origin "sea surface";
    String geospatial_vertical_positive "up";
    Float32 geospatial_vertical_resolution 1.0;
    String geospatial_vertical_units "meters";
    Float64 grid_mapping_inverse_flattening 298.257223563;
    Float32 grid_mapping_longitude_of_prime_meridian 0.0;
    String grid_mapping_name "latitude_longitude";
    Float64 grid_mapping_semi_major_axis 6378137.0;
    String history 
"2024-07-18T23:36:22Z: dataset created; multiple updates - last run program, arguments: process_dw_realtime v2.1, im74242_202407182335 If date_modified is after date_created, contact CDIP for details of changes.
2024-07-19T18:23:42Z (local files)
    String infoUrl "";
    String institution "";
    String instrument "metaInstrumentation";
    String keywords "attributes, buoys, california,, collected, data, datawell, diego, directional, earth, earth science, Earth Science > Oceans > Ocean Temperature > Sea Surface Temperature, eastern pacific ocean, file, flag, gravity waves, grid, identifier, index, institution, instrumentation, latitude, located, longitude, mapping, measurements, meta, metaGridMapping, metaInstrumentation, metaPlatform, metaStationName, name, near, ocean, ocean temperature, ocean waves, oceanography, oceans, outer, pacific ocean, pines, platform, primary, quality, reference, san, science, scripps, sea, sea surface temperature, sea_surface_temperature, secondary, significant wave height, situ, source, sst, sstFlagPrimary, sstFlagSecondary, sstReferenceTemp, sstSeaSurfaceTemperature, sstSourceIndex, station, surface, temperature, time, torrey, university, water temperature, wave, wave frequency, wave period, wave spectra, waverider, wind waves";
    String keywords_vocabulary "GCMD Science Keywords";
    String license "These data may be redistributed and used without restriction.";
    String metadata_link "";
    String naming_authority "edu.ucsd.cdip";
    Float64 Northernmost_Northing 59.59803;
    String platform "metaPlatform";
    String processing_level "QA/QC information available at";
    String project "Coastal Data Information Program (CDIP)";
    String publisher_email "";
    String publisher_name "Coastal Data Information Program, SIO/UCSD";
    String publisher_type "institution";
    String publisher_url "";
    String references "";
    String source "insitu observations";
    String sourceUrl "(local files)";
    Float64 Southernmost_Northing -14.2965;
    String standard_name_vocabulary "CF Standard Name Table v70";
    String subsetVariables "station_id, metaStationName, latitude, longitude, sstFlagPrimary";
    String summary "Sea surface temperature measurements collected in situ by Datawell Waverider buoys.";
    String testOutOfDate "now-1day";
    String time_coverage_duration "P006DT07H30M";
    String time_coverage_end "2024-07-18T23:35:00Z";
    String time_coverage_resolution "PT30M";
    String time_coverage_start "1991-09-10T21:53:00Z";
    String title "Aggregation of SST measurements collected in situ by Datawell Waverider buoys.";
    Float64 Westernmost_Easting -170.8747;


Using tabledap to Request Data and Graphs from Tabular Datasets

tabledap lets you request a data subset, a graph, or a map from a tabular dataset (for example, buoy data), via a specially formed URL. tabledap uses the OPeNDAP (external link) Data Access Protocol (DAP) (external link) and its selection constraints (external link).

The URL specifies what you want: the dataset, a description of the graph or the subset of the data, and the file type for the response.

Tabledap request URLs must be in the form{?query}
For example,,latitude,time,station,wmo_platform_code,T_25&time>=2015-05-23T12:00:00Z&time<=2015-05-31T12:00:00Z
Thus, the query is often a comma-separated list of desired variable names, followed by a collection of constraints (e.g., variable<value), each preceded by '&' (which is interpreted as "AND").

For details, see the tabledap Documentation.

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